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Jun. 9th, 2005 | 07:39 pm
mood: ecstaticecstatic

Hi everyone! I just love these things! This came from my good friend becky who is so much cooler than other people i know in east tennessee. Namely Des and Kat. They're lame. ANyway, I know you all want to know more about me so here goes!

1. First best friend: uh..i don't think i can answer this. i'm still waiting for #1. i guess the goddess
2. First car: oh i don't have cash for a car.
3. First real kiss: te he...we all know! TRAVIS!!! unless my rottweiler counts
4. First break-up: Travis and i are going thru some truamas now
5. First screen name: cammiedion
6. First self-purchased album: amy grant. "heart in motion"
7. First funeral: i held a funeral for my self respect when i was five.
8. First pets: that good ole rottweiler, sandy
9. First piercing: my mom pierced my ears with a knitting needle. it hurt but my dreamcatcher earrings are fabulous
10. First credit card: cammie no comprendo
12. First enemy: the WHOLE WORLD DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13. First big trip: I went to Kingsport once. that was neat.

The lasts:
1. Last cigarette: now that i'm prego, i've given that up. although i did have one 5 minutes ago.
2. Last car ride: earlier today i was in downtown j.c. and i was accused of accosting a woman. she gave me a look and i thought she wanted a hug but when attempted she screamed and drew the attention of a cop who drove me home.
3. Last kiss: my hand for practice
4. Last good cry: i'm prego therefore i cry all the time.
5. Last library book checked out: cammie doesn't read. please.
6. Last movie seen in theatres: oh geezzz...maybe "Country Bears." I love those country bears
7. Last beverage drank: some oil. hey, cammie's thirsty.
8. Last food consumed: oh jesus. cheetos, cheetos, and more cheetos. washed down with motor oil.
9. Last crush: if you know me, you know the answer
10. Last phone call: cammie doens't have a phone. bills are hard to deal with. phones get cut off.
11. Last time showered: i don't fit in my shower. but it did rain earlier.
12. Last shoes worn: flip flops
13. Last item bought: a bag of cheetos. i had a coupon.
14. Last annoyance: Travis's dumb bitch girlfriend who flipped off when I was downtown
15. Last time wanting to die: the last time was the second before i found out i was prego. now i want to live!!
16. Last time scolded: the cop incident - he told me to stay away from society

1. Who are your best friends?: ummm, Travis. My bundle of joy in my belly is a future bff.
2. Do you have a girlfriend? i could want one, i could go there.

1. Where is your favorite place to shop? gas stations. of course wal mart - those are my people in there. oh and the food court at the mall.
2. Any tattoos or piercing? eventually i want a tattoo of travis looking confused (like he was that blissful night) and then our baby and an easter bunny swirrling about his face! i want it on my left butt cheek. which means i can design it on poster board, cause i have a big ass.

1. Do you do drugs? cammie is high on life people
2. What kind of shampoo do you use? i don't.
3. What are you most scared of? small spaces, airline seats, public restrooms, jettas, ...anything i can't fit in.
4. What are you listening to right now? the sound of my brother yelling cause he's over here and he just found the turd i dumped in the front yard. nature goddess forever biatch.
5. Where do you want to get married? oh on a mystical, dewy, grassy field with lightening bugs all around and a lot of cake availiable to me.
6. How many buddies are online? cammie is friend free people.
7. What would you change about yourself? my love life. TRAVIS!!! are you reading this? come home to mama.

1. Color: burnt orange. like cheetos
2. Food: anything, including non foods - like chewy shoes. but mostly cheetos
3. Girls names: snoopy, meadow, harmony, glass eye
4. Boys Names: snapper
5. Subjects in school: i never went and learnt things
6. Animals: i eat all kinds. i heart slugs in a special way
7. Sports: rolling

Have you ever:
1. Given anyone a bath? i can safely say "no".
2. Smoked? some ham, yes.
3. Bungee jumped? they don't let p.o.s.'s do that.
4. Made yourself throw up? i wish i could. but i love my food and it's place in my body too much.
5. Skinny-dipped? cammie doens't kiss and tell!
6. Been in love? YES
7. Made yourself cry to get out of trouble? yes but it never works. people generally have it in for me when they first meet me
8. Pictured your crush naked? i'm blushing!
9. Seen your crush naked? yes. and i fucked him in my bathroom.
10. Cried when someone died? no. i get stone faced at those times. but i do cry a lot.
11. Lied? some would say to myself but i say no. perhaps i'm lying.
12. Fallen for your best friend? *sigh*
13. Been rejected? NEVER really, i mean people are always faking. it's hard to reveal true feelings when travis has to keep up a front for his "girlfriend."
14. Rejected someone? never
15. Used someone? uhhh
16. Done something you regret? i didn't kill that bitch of travis's when i had the chance!

1. Clothes? orange, blue, and red tye dyed sheet that i turned into a tube dress and a scarf for pizazz. even us prego girls have to look cute!
2. Music? no, still the yelling
3. Make-up? blue eye shadow, green mascara, some blush, and funky blue lipstick i found. i like being new wave.
4. Annoyance? Travis's bitch
5. Smell? my dirty vagina. oh was that too gross? ok, um, my cheeto soufle burning! brb.
6. Favorite artist? walt disney. i love to wear my 'goofy' character sweatshirt!
7. Desktop picture? travis
8. Book you're reading? again, cammie doesn't read
9. CD in player? celene dion
10. DVD in player? i don't own one of those
11. Color of toenails? haven't seen those in years

Last person:
1. You touched? the woman downtown
2. Hugged? oh i can't remember. i give myself hugs every morning.
3. You instant messaged? kat, to tell her she's special but not as special as becky.
4. You kissed? cammie doesn't kiss and tell!

Are you:
1. Understanding? yes
2. Open-minded? if i had a mind to open! hehehe
3. Arrogant? of course. like frank sinatra!
4. Insecure? no
5. Interesting? yes
6. Hungry? of course
7. Smart? some would say no.
8. Moody? i guess
9. Hardworking? what does that word mean? words are hard.
10. Organized? i guess, all my old cheeto bags are filed and categorized by dates consumed.
11. Healthy? sure, why not!
12. Shy? Around people I don’t know
13. Attractive? is this a trick question?
14. Bored easily? some days
15. Responsible? yes
16. Obsessed? NO. yes
17. Angry? sometimes at that cunt
18. Sad? no
19. Disappointed? no, i perservere!
20. Happy? yes
21. Hyper? mostly lazy
22. Trusting? no. i'm more suspicious
23. Talkative? i would be if anyone would talk to me
24. Legal? yes and willing!

Whom do you want to:
1. Kill? grrrr....
2. Slap? Travis's wet booty when he comes out of the shower
3. Get high with? cammie says no. you should too kids.
4. Look like? hey i'm me and i'm happy! but maybe dennis the menace.
5. Talk to offline? travis
6. Talk to online? what?
7. Hang out with? my baby. get born baby!

1. In the morning I am: fat
2. All I need is: a good bag of cheetos. and a dildo.
3. Love is: travis's penis
4. I dream about: my little one

Which is better:

1. Coke or Pepsi: either as long as it's mixed with orange juice. i don't do straight liquor
2. Flowers or candy: candy
3. Tall or short: i like for unicorns to have long horns so tall i guess
4. Liquor or beer? beer cans have hit me in the head before so liqour, cause i've never been hit with a liquor bottle. but there's a first time for everything. isn't there!

1. What do you notice first: if they have any food
2. Last person you danced with: the moon goddess
3. Worst question to ask: why are stalking my boyfriend?!
4. Who makes you laugh the most? a slug in my pants
5. Who makes you smile: a fresh cheeto bag
6. Who gives you a funny feeling: that ole slug in my pants
7. Who do you have a crush on: tra.... i'm not telling
8. Who has a crush on you: travis does but he won't admit it

Do you ever:
1. Sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone to instant message you: again, what is this internet that you speak of?
2. Save conversations: what the hell.
3. Wish you were a member of the opposite sex: that is hard to answer. i wish i were so i could bitch slap travis's girlfriend and do him in the ass like i've always dreamed.
4. Wish you were younger: no, my younger years were scary. have you met my parents?!
5. Cry because someone said something to you: sure

1. Of times I have had my heart broken: 76277625782739704335874 x 3503485 to the 10th power. really.
2. Of hearts I have broken: too many
3. Of guys I've kissed: 1
4. Of girls I've kissed: silly
5. Of continents I have lived in: 1 but many in my dream mind.
6. Of tight friends: oh a lot.
7. Of CDs I own: what are cds?
8. Of scars on body: ooooo, one on my forehead from a beer can, a burn mark on my breast from my brother (he went nuts with a curling iron on me), a pencil stabbed me in the hand in school, i tried to give myself gastro bypass surgery so i have a cut on my stomach, hmm and many more. too many to name!

cool beans,

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from: dirtyethelbonne
date: Jun. 10th, 2005 03:41 pm (UTC)

cammie do you smell like old man breath?

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from: iitduo
date: Feb. 16th, 2013 10:49 pm (UTC)

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