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Cammie Time

Don't you want somebody to love?

14 March
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I'm Cammie. Just a simple girl living in the East Tennessee region. I weigh 410 lbs. I'm easy to get along with and I accept money for sexual favors. But that rarely happens. I've been wearing the same pajama pants for the past 26 days and counting. I like animals, especially when I get to eat them. I'm seeking employment and friends. Also love. If you're hot or even not hot you have a chance. I'm going to go eat some mutton chops now.

Check me out!

on the left: travis drew me! and on the right: glamourshots!

The day upon which my little Snappy is due!
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Actually now my baby's name may be Jesus Christ Lord of Lords.

Days until my birthday! Get me presents!
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